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3M Sandpaper Company

In 1905 3M abrasives was started on just producing abrasives in Duluth, Minnesota. The company later moved to Stain Paul, Minnesota in 1910. Over the years 3M has branched out to other markets and today is a fortune 100 company.

Tree-M-Ite was created by 3M in 1916 for  World War I. This 3M sandpaper helped boost profits. This product had a thick cloth backing and was revolutionary in the sanding belt business. This cloth is still used today on almost every sanding belt. In 2002 3M sandpaper floor division of sandpaper came out with the Regalite sanding paper and is still a staple of the 3M hardwood flooring sandpaper to this day.

3M has corporate operations in more than 70 countries with sales in more than 200. By concentrating on innovation and industry needs 3M has become a fixture on the Fortune 500 list. The focus on what contractors need has helped revolutionize the sandpaper industry while providing the quality consumers expect from 3M.  More than one third of 3M sales come from products created in the last 5 years, a true testament to 3M’s focus on innovation.

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3M Wood Floor Sanding Products

Early 3M Sandpaper History Pictures

3m sandpaper factory line
3m old logos
3m factory workers working
original 3m plant

3M Sandpaper Types

Regalite Sandpaper – Regalite Sandpaper by 3M is also known as the “purple” paper. This 3M sandpaper  revolutionized the hardwood flooring industry when it was released. Regalite is known to last long, cut great and keep cool. Regalite sandpaper by 3M is a ceramic aluminum mineral. The 3M Regalite purple sandpaper is know by all flooring contractors to be consistent, long lasting and is typically a staple in all flooring trucks.

3M Regalite 7" x 5/16" Edger Disc 60 grit

Tri-M-ite – 3M Black sandpaper that is known for revolutionizing the industry with thick cloth backing and open coat minerals. These 3M wood flooring belts are often used for taking off some serious material weather it be old finish, wax, or wood. 3M Tri-M-ite sandpaper is made out of silicon carbide. You know when you get the black belts from 3M out of the truck that the floor is in some serious help and after the work is done there should be a serious wood floor transformation.

3M Regalite 8" Sanding Belt 16 grit

What Makes 3M a Great Hardwood Flooring Sandpaper

What makes the sandpaper the 3M makes wonderful… is that all of it is mainly the same mineral. This means that you know what you will be getting for a scratch pattern. The Regalite mineral (a special mixture of aluminum ceramic) is great for taking coatings off the floor and lasts incredibly long. Typically this paper on belts does not wear out very fast on belts and can go extremely long. The edger discs are great and usually can rip right through coatings and not be changed out too often. We find that the 3M sandpaper typically works well on all floor finishes and all types of wood. The other great part is, you know it is Regalite if it is purple!

Pros of 3M Sandpaper

  • Long lasting on new floors or older floors with coatings
  • Typically is a good scratch that doesn’t leave too many random scratch marks
  • Same color for all sandpaper so you know what mineral it is
  • Easy to get and is always in stock

Different 3M Sandpaper Products by Category

Below are some of the most popular 3m sandpaper options for hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring sandpaper typically has thick backing from all the heat produced to sand a hardwood floor flat. Another thing is to remember to buy the right sandpaper for the right machine. There are a lot of different disc and belt sizes.

3M Sandpaper Discs

The 3M Disc sandpaper is meant for edgers, orbitals and planetary sanders. These discs offer a thick backing to last long and sand consistent. Discs some in many different sizes ranging from 5“, 7″ & 8″ sizes. These discs still come in the great Regalite mineral from 3M and sand great. We find that the 3M Regalite edger discs work great and really cut the floor fast.

3M 6″ x 7/8″ Hole Disc


3M Regalite 5″ 8 Hole H&L Disc


3M Regalite 6″ & 6 Hole H&L Discs


3M Regalite 7″ Edger Discs Quick Change


3M Regalite 7″ x 5/16″ Edger Discs


3M Regalite 8″ Hook & Loop Discs


3M Buffer Discs

Another form of 3M discs are of the 16″ size. Buffers are 16″ and are one of the most used tools in a hardwood flooring contractors trailer/truck. The offerings from 3M for Buffer sandpaper is very large and comprehensive. You are able to sand a hardwood floor, put on stain, inter-coat abrade or even clean hardwood floors with the 3M 16″ buffer option.

3M Sandpaper Belts

3M Regalite Sanding Belts are used on many different sander types and makes. The 3M offerings for belt sanders are 8″, 10″ and 12″. ou will find that the 3M belt sandpaper to be great, last long and overall great. You will know if you are using 3M belts if they are purple!