Glitsa or Rudd Company offers an amazing lineup of hardwood flooring finishes for professionals. Glitsa offers waterborne, conversion varnish and oil-based products. You will find that all the Glitsa hardwood flooring products are durable, easy to use and look great. The newest Glitsa products allow you to roll or T-bar the finish on the floor.  Even though known for their Swedish finish, all finish is made right here in America!

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Glitsa Floor Finish Options

Glitsa Swedish – The standard for flooring finish. Swedish finish is known around the industry as simply the best finish there is no matter where being used. This finish hardens and lasts like nothing else on the market. That being said this finish is very toxic and can smell for weeks.

Glitsa Waterbased Finish – Glitsa waterbased finish is easy and has lots of options. If you want a consistent finish that is easy to use and constantly the same, use this finish. Glitsa waterborne finish is a stable product contractors love to use.

Glitsa Poly – Glitsa poly is a great product that is oil-based. The finish is not too thick and not too thin. Applying this finish is relatively easy.

Advantages of Glitsa Waterbased Finish

  • Simple and small lineup of finish
  • Offers oil-like appearance in water-based form
  • Easy to use

Advantages of Glitsa Swedish Finish

  • Toughest finish on the market
  • Good open time
  • Sealers dry fast
  • High build finish

Different Types of Glitsa Floor Finish Products

Glitsa offers a comprehensive wood floor finish lineup. The offer both Swedish finish and water based finish products. Glitsa prides itself on products that last, work well and are time tested. With Glitsa finish being a USA company, you know their finish is always fresh and will perform as desired.

Glitsa Floor Finish – Waterbased Sealer

Glitsa offers 2 types of waterborne wood flooring sealer. One is  oil-based flooring look and the other gives a more raw wood floor look. Both sealer are super simple to use and work great for a build coat. Both Glitsa sealers for wood flooring prepare the floor for a finish coats.

Glitsa Floor Finish – One Component Water-Based Finish

Glitsa offers two options in the one component finish option. One is also playing double duty as a water-based sealer. Both these Glitsa finishes preform well but tend to not be rated for more than residential floors. However, both one component finishes are very simple to use and give a great look once applied.

Glitsa Floor Finish – Two Component Waterbased Finish

Glitsa 2 component waterborne floor finish options are both the same except one has a much lower sheen than the other. The end result of both finishes are the same, perfect. These waterborne two component flooring finishes are meant for heavy traffic and commercial areas. They have better scuff and chemical resistance than one component finishes.

Glitsa Floor Finish – Swedish Finish

Swedish finish is a strong finish that is “oldschool”. This finish is the smelly stuff your grandparents used and swear by – for good reason. Swedish finish is by far the most durable finish on the market. However, this finish is high voc and yellows the floor.  This finish is also only available in certain markets due to the VOC amounts.

Glitsa Floor Finish Company History

Glitsa started in Sweden in the 1950s where they created the Gold Seal Swedish Finish system. In 1956 Glitsa came to America when Ed Hodgson brought it to Seattle. Glitsa is part of the Rudd company and has expanded from the Gold Seal line to a large line of products including oil-modified polyurethane, waterborne finishes, stains and maintenance products like cleaners and mops.

Glitsa continues to create new products for floor finishing. By focusing on enhancing and showcasing the natural beauty of the hardwood they have become a top manufacturer of flooring finish in the US. Glitsa has some great finishes that are unique to the waterbased/waterborne finish industry like waterbased Infinity.

Glitsa relies on both lab testing and real -world testing to ensure their products meet the needs of the end user. By focusing on research and development both in a lab and the end environment you can eliminate issues that may not be seen in lab only research.