Pallmann is a finish, adhesive, and machine company that originated in Germany and currently has distribution in Denver. The Pallmann brand has been around for since 1900 and has acquired and expanded brands over the last 100 years to become what it is today. The one common theme between all the Pallmann/Uzin product lines is the ease of use. The Pallmann brand is known for finishes that flow amazingly, looks great, and really make the floors look phenomenal.

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Different Pallmann Products by Category

Below are the most popular Pallmann products used by hardwood flooring professionals around the USA. These products range from the finish, adhesive/glue, and machines. Pallmann is a commercial-grade product supplier that you can count on for great results and high durability.

Pallmann Sealers

Pallmann sealers come in many different types and options. Like other finish manufacturers, Pallmann offers white, natural, clear, and color option of sealers. This gives you a good array of options to put on your floor or for your customer’s house. The sealers are an easy way to give your customer the look they are wanting without having to stain the floor which takes more work and longer dry times.

Pallmann Finishes

Pallmann offers an array of finishes that are of different price points. What you will notice about each finish is that they are easy to use and apply on the floor. If you want a perfect-looking floor with ease of use Pallmann easily beats every other finish manufacturer on the market. The finishes are waterbased and com in 1-part and 2-part options. This means 2-part are mixed and 1-part are not mixed. 2-part finishes are stronger and hold up better in the long run.

Pallmann Moisture Barriers

The Pallmann moisture barriers are roll-on and are applied by roller. These moisture barriers are easy to use and see as the material is blue for ease of use to ensure full coverage. These moisture blockers/barriers can block up to 100% moisture if used correctly. We recommend using these as a blocker for every flooring installation job.

Pallmann Cleaners

The Pallmann cleaners come in concentrated and non-concentrate. The concentrate cleaners need to be diluted with water while the non-concentrate are ready to be used.

Pallmann Adhesives/Glues

Pallmann offers 2 types of glues P5 and P7 adhesive. The P5 is meant for 7″ and lower planks while the P7 is meant for wider planks that go up to 16″. Pallmann also offers a sausage glue gun option for ease of use while doing glue assist installation.