Bona is a the #1 flooring company for unfinished hardwood flooring. Bona offers many different products for hardwood flooring. Did you know you are able to start and finish a project with basically only using Bona products. Today Bona has everything you need and typically these products perform great, are easy to use and look awesome.

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Bona Flooring Products

Bona Hardwood Product Types

Sia Sandpaper – Bona has partnered with Sia Abrasives to bring a full line of abrasives to the USA. These abrasives are color coded, 3 different grain-minerals and are able to be used on all flooring machines. Sia offers great sandpaper that leaves a floor flat and scratch free.

Waterborne Finish – Bona flooring products has a full line-up of hardwood flooring finish. Bona offers both 1 component and 2 component waterborne flooring finishes. These hardwood flooring finishes are simple to use and offer great durability. In the industry Bona traffic waterbased finish has set the standard for other finishes to live up to. bona flooring finish is used on more floors than another finish on the market combined.

Oil-Based Finish – Bona flooring products offer a simple oil-based lineup for both gym flooring and residential. Gym flooring oil is typically 100% gloss.

Gym Paint – Unique to Bona is that they offer gym flooring paint to gym flooring contractors.

Cleaners – Bona has the most known flooring cleaner in the world. Bona cleaner is easy to use, works well and is easily available.

Bona Waterborne Sealers

Waterborne or waterbased sealers from bona come in 5 different types. These 5 types of bona sealers are sorted from lightest to darkest. Each sealer is meant to give the foundation for the lineup of Bona finishes. We typically find that the lightest and darkest sealers to be harder to use and unless comfortable with tint’s these finishes should be used sparingly. The most common sealers are the Bona ClassicSeal & IntenseSeal.

Bona AmberSeal Sealer


Bona ClassicSeal Sealer


Bona NaturalSeal Sealer


Bona NordicSeal Sealer


Bona Flooring Finish –  Waterborne One Component

Bona offers an array of one component flooring finishes. these one component finishes are contractor grade and are rated for light commercial traffic as well as residential uses. We find that the one component finishes are very easy to use, come in an array of options and work well. The durability are obviously less than two component finishes but work well and hold up great.

Bona Mega Finish


Bona Flooring Finish –  Waterborne Two Component

Two component is king when it comes to durability in the waterbased or waterborne flooring finish world. These finishes use an accelerator and hardener to get the most out of the finishes for maximum durability. Two component finishes from Bona are rated to be used in commercial settings. Bona two component flooring finishes can be t-bar’d on or rolled both give a great finish look and the right coverage rates.

Bona Traffic HD Finish


Bona Flooring Finish – Gym Floor Oil

Some of the most prestigious courts use bone gym flooring oil. Bona gym oil is an oil-modified polyurethane that is very durable. The Bona gym oils come in different VOC’s to ensure that it is allowable in different states with different VOC laws. We find that the Bona Gym oil to have a very high gloss, great grip and ease of use. The build on Bona oil-modified poly is awesome!

Bona Paint – Oil & Waterbased Paint

When striping a gym floor using a good flooring paint is critical. The Bona paint lineup is great at all categories for a flooring paint. Typically you will notice that Bona gym floor paint is easy to use, covers in one coat, flows amazing and dries relatively fast. After doing 2 top coats of flooring finish in either waterbased or oil-modified gym finish you should have zero stipple and amazing, crisp lines/logos.

Bona Flooring Company History

Bona-Kemi or Bona in the USA is a company that was founded in Sweden in 1919. Bona flooring company was founded by Wilhelm Edner and was started as a coffee business. As a side hustle Wilhelm decided to sell flooring wax. With the popularity of the flooring wax Bona was transformed from a coffee company to a flooring company. In 1979 Bona pioneers waterborne finish. In 2010 Bona was able to create a full flooring line that you can start and finish a floor with all bona products. Bona is known for its complete line of hardwood flooring products and most notably Traffic finish.

Bona flooring products have stayed true to its Swedish heritage which has shaped its innovation over the last 100 years. In the 1970’s Bona was one of the first manufactures to remove toxic and hazardous chemicals from their floor finish and to move to a water-based finish. Bona was also one of the first companies to insist on vacuum systems to reduce carcinogenic wood dust and create a healthier sanding environment.

Bona finish is widely used in a variety of buildings including basketball courts, airports, museums, homes and much more. While Bona is known for hardwood flooring products but is also innovating and improving the stone, tile, laminate parquet and resilient flooring industries.