American Sanders sanding machines are 100% American made right here in North Carolina. These machines are the true workhorses of the hardwood flooring industry. You will notice that the American Sanders machines really work well, sand floors faster and are able to bite through finish amazing. If you are looking for a well built machine for hardwood floor sanding, American Sanders is one of the best options. American sanders sanding machines offer everything you will need to sand from start to finish.

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All American Sanders Sanding Machines

American Sanders 12″ Drum Sander


American Sanders 3DS Sander


American Sanders Epoch HD w/ Hydrasand


American Sanders Super 7R Edger


American Sanders Flooring Machine History Pictures

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old clarke american sanders edger
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clarke american sanders super 7 edger orginal

Different Types American Sanders Sanding Machines

Belt Sander – Belt sanders are a more innovative design to sand floors. This design makes it easier for the operator to take belts on and off. Belt sanders also leave less chatter in the floor and make it flatter. Generally we find that hardwood belt sanders are more of a refined tool for stripping floors to flat or bare wood and are easier to use.

Drum Sander – The original design for hardwood floor sanders. This machine can take off finish fast. Typically these sanders are now uses for gym floors and wide open spaces. However, you can still get drum sanders to sand houses and generally they are serious work horses.

Edgers – This machine is used for close to walls and more hard to get to places. These edger machines from American sanders use a 7″ piece of sandpaper disc .

Buffers – The very original piece of hardwood floor machinery. This American Sanders sanding machine offers different head sizes, but typically it is 16″ wide and spins to sand the floor. It is the typical machine you see custodians using at schools and businesses. Buffers have many different attachments and paper types to fulfill probably the most amount of jobs out of any hardwood flooring machine.

Planetary Sanders – One of the newer types of American Sanders sanding machines. Orbital or planetary sanders. These machines have multiple heads spinning in different directions to get a floor an even smooth sand while minimizing scratches from sandpaper. Orbital flooring machines or planetary machines truly get a hardwood floor as flat as they can be. We also find that these machines are easier to use and master since they are not cutting on one side.

FAQ’s About American Sanding Machines

  • American Sanders sanding machines are built to last
  • Easy to get parts when/if you have an issue with an American Sanders equipment
  • Only USA Made & Owned
  • Reps who know about the machines and can help
  • Able to get help fixing the machines if needed with network of shops
  • American Sanders sanding machines are innovative

American Sanders History

Clarke was founded by a guy name Alex A Clark. Alex loved going to bars and drinking beer but did not like how awful bar tops looked and felt. In 1916 Alex created the first bar top restorer. This restorer overtime got less popular so we added a pole to his bar top machine and created the floor buffer. This is how Clarke or now American Sanders was first started.

Clarke saw substantial growth in the 1950’s and more innovation. Creating more products include the FM Floor Maintainer, the DU-8 Rental Sander and the first battery operated auto scrubber- the Clarke-A-Matic. Sales continued to rise in the 50s and hit 9,000,000 annually. Ownership of Clarke was inconstant flux throughout the 1950s and continued for the next few decades.

Today American Sanders sanding machines were originally Clarke produces machines for hardwood floor restoration & sanding in Sparta North Carolina by Pioneer Eclipse. American sanders today now offers a full lineup of flooring machines.

Notable Days in History:

  • 1959 – Clarke is acquired by Studebaker and introduces the FM Floor Maintainer.
  • 1965 – First Dual Motor Upright Vacuum Cleaner, the Model 550.
  • 1971 – Clarke produces the 1,000,000th FM Floor Maintainer.
  • 2015 – American Sanders and Pioneer Eclipse launched the TimberGuard line of water-based hardwood floor products.