Naturale Elegance is a brand of un-paralleled performance, beauty and simplicity. Since the beginning the brand of Naturale Elegance hardwood flooring has started with the colors designers choose, construction contractors want and the package that consumers desire. The lineup of Naturale Elegance hardwood engineered flooring allows consumers to choose a product that does not sacrifice quality for price.

The Naturale Elegance lineup brings a wood line that has environmentally friendly desires at heart. The trees are harvested in a manner that allows for continuous growth with no over harvesting. The finishes are water-based to ensure less VOC are in the atmosphere. Finally, the whole package ensures that future generations are able to have a green earth.

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Naturale Elegance Flooring

Warranties of Naturale Elegance Flooring

Lifetime Limited Residential Warranty on Product Structure*

Naturale Elegance Floors must be kept in 30-55% relative humidity & 60-80 degrees. If your floor meets these criteria and you experience structural failure, Naturale Elegance will repair, refund or replace at the discretion of Naturale Elegance.

Lifetime Limited Residential Finish Warranty*

Under normal household conditions in a residential setting, normal maintenance – Naturale Elegance will not have finish wear off, peel, or separate from planks.

*Warranty valid for original purchaser only. Warranty is non-transferable. See Maintenance and Warranty Guide for full details.

Installation & Maintenance Guides here. their website is here.

Why Choose Naturale Elegance Floring

Hardwood Types: Offering hardwoods based on hickory and maple sourced locally in the USA. These 2 options are the best for long term durability as these 2 woods are hard.

Engineered Base Layers: Eucalyptus veneers make the base layers in the Naturale Elegance line up flooring for engineered. The reason for using the eucalyptus is that it is a strong and stable hardwood. This product is also very sustainable and eco friendly. This tree is one of the fastest growing trees on earth and is 2x harder than oak!

Quality of Materials: This flooring line uses cold press glue to adhere and veneers. This provides a very low voc and cleaner air. This process Meets or Exceeds Carb II Requirements for Air Quality.

Type of Cut: Naturale Elegance offers slice cut flooring. The slice cut option is the most stable and environmentally friendly option. Slice cut floor soffer more yield and less waste. This particular cut offers solid performance through the life of your floor.

Aluminum Oxide Finish: Offering Aluminum-Oxide finish allows for a strong finish that does not yellow harshly like oiled finishes. This finish is also the strongest finish on the market and is nearly impossible to walk off.

Installation Instructions

You are able to install this flooring with nail down, full trowel glue or floating. We recommend that you install this flooring with a glue assist for full glue down for the best results. We find that the glue really aids in helping making sure the floor is solid and makes little to no noise on a hollow spot. We find that the 5-8″ boards really benefit from this glue assist to ensure a proper result you will want & desire. To glue assist you can either do horizontal lines or a wave pattern under each board. Both options ensure the board does not move and really cuts down on the noise that sometimes plagues engineered flooring.

When doing a full glue down you fully ensure the flooring is stuck to the ground and will not make noise at all. While this awesome, it does make replacing or repairs much more difficult.