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Norton Flooring Sandpaper Company

#1 Recognized Hardwood Sandpaper Brand

Norton offers an amazing complete line of hardwood flooring sandpaper and abrasives for hardwood flooring professionals. If you need a paper size, Norton will have it. As the main innovator in the hardwood flooring industry, Norton makes sure to have the best of products. IN the last 10 years, Norton has most of the innovative sandpaper under their name. 7 out of 10 hardwood flooring professionals prefer Norton flooring sandpaper.

Norton Logo

Early Norton Flooring Sandpaper History Pictures

original norton sandpaper sign
original norton building
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norton sandpaper line

Norton Flooring Sandpaper Types

Red Heat Sandpaper – Widely known around the industry as some of the best sandpaper for a fine scratch. The Seeded Gel Ceramic grain gives contractors a fine scratch. This grain breaks down as every other grain of sandpaper does, however it stays sharp and has the longest lasting scratch of any mineral.

Blaze – This is a ceramic mineral that acts like a opencoat design. This ceramic is one of the sharpest minerals used in sandpaper to give an aggressive cut for places you need to sand a lot of material off. While this does not give the best scratch pattern, it will do serious work on the area it is used.

BlueFire Sandpaper – Older technology that is replaced by the above minerals. While still sold, they have more random scratch patterns and are almost the same cost as the better minerals.

Neon – This is a silicon carbide and is now replaced by better synthetic minerals. Silicone carbide sanding belts are really not that good as they wear fast and do not cut very well. Even though they are cheap ceramic belts are a better per sq ft. deal.

Norton Flooring Sandpaper Uses

Norton sandpaper has a dedicated line of hardwood flooring sandpaper. Currently, Norton sandpaper for hardwood floors is one of the most robust, dedicated companies for hardwood flooring. Unlike 3M, Norton sandpaper feels like a complete line of sandpaper. Hardwood flooring contractors know that Norton sandpaper has some of the best minerals. Below you will see some of the options Norton has for hardwood flooring sandpaper.

Norton Flooring Sandpaper Discs

Norton sandpaper makes a few different types of sandpaper discs. These sandpaperdiscs come in sizes ranging from 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″ and 16″ variations. These discs also come in different minerals for different applications. We find that Red Heat discs to be the best overall performing disc and especially for fine sanding. There is also Blaze or Blaze+ which is meant for really ripping wood down or finish off. Blaze is not the best for fine sanding.

Norton Flooring Sandpaper Belts

Norton Sandpaper sells many different type sof belts, Wood flooring supply only sells Red Heat and Blaze/Blaze+ for the fact they are the best per dollar spent. These sandpaper belts last long, cut great and really get to bare wood & makes it flat. If you want a true hardwood floor sanding belt these choices are great.

Norton Flooring Sandpaper Drum Sander Rolls & Gym Rolls

Norton Sandpaper sells once again Red Heat and Blaze/Blaze+ rolls for drum sanders. There is residential single phase sanders and 3 phase gym floor sanders – so Norton sandpaper is made for both machines. Typically, home sanders are 8″ but also come in 12″ and gym floor sanders are only 12″. So make sure to buy the right roll size (8″ sandpaper rolls & 12″ sandpaper rolls)for the sander you are using. These gym rolls are normally 50yd or 25 yd long.

Norton Flooring Sandpaper PSA Buffer Rolls

PSA rolls are great for inter-coat abrasion and are a cost conscious option for abrading sealer coats for both oil-based poly and waterborne sealers.

Norton Sandpaper Company History

Norton Sandpaper is part of the Saint-Gboian brand and is a leader in the san paper industry. Norton makes sandpaper for a variety of different trades and is well known for their hardwood flooring sandpaper. Norton has more than 2,200 employees that work in their 8 facilities. The whole Norton brand started in 1885 with John Jeppson and Milton Higgins.

Norton is big on innovation and is always looking for ways to improve their product by reducing costs, eliminating dust and noise, and focuses on making more ergonomic products for better biomechanics and comfort.

The brand reconition of Norton is very strong and has some of the widely known brands name in hardwood flooring such as red heat & blaze sandpaper/abrasives.

If you have any Norton questions that we haven’t answered, you can find more information here.