Loba-Wakol is based in North Carolina but is part of a larger company based in Germany. Loba-Wakol is in 40 countries and offers a full range of hardwood floor products. Loba has been around for more than 90 years and focuses on both finishing and protecting wood flooring.

Loba Germany was founded 1922 by Wilhelm Hornung and Dr. Max Fischer. Loba began by making primarily floor cleaners and stains but also created products like household candles, shoe cream, ski wax and dubbin. The Name of the company has changed many times since it began in 1922 and has become much simpler since the original name which was “Vereinigte Wachswarenfabriken AG Hornung und Dr. Fischer”.

Wakol has been creating adhesives for more than 60 years. Wakol also creates non-chemical products. PU 280 Moisture Barrier is a top product from Wakol. Many Wakol products fit the “green” industry standards making them safe for consumers and contractors alike.

Loba is known for their high quality finishes and oils. Wakol is a leader in adhesives including moisture barriers and sausage glue for hardwood flooring installation. Loba and Wakol products can also be used on parquet, cork, PVV and other floor types.

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Different Loba-Wakol Products

Loba Products

Waterbased Finish – The Loba line of finishes is a strong one. These finishes are easy to use, look good and are a contractor favorite. This lineup of hardwood flooring finishes offer simple 1k products and hearty 2k products. The Loba line is quickly growing to be a truly connected line of products.

Waterbased Sealers – The Loba waterbased sealers are some of the easiest to use and just downright look great. Nothing makes a job harder than fixing the first coat of finish. These waterbased finishes tend to act more like oil and are simple to use. Sealers are meant to protect hardwood flooring and that is exactly what Loba sealers do.

Penetrating Oils – Loba penetrating oil is an easy to use one coat finish. These finishes are easy to apply and when needed, repair. Loba impact oils penetrate into the wood and do not create a film on top of the floor. These finishes work with the wood to make the wood strong and longer lasting.

Wakol Products

Wakol is the glue side of Loba-Wakol. The Wakol glues are simple to use, easy to clean up and seriously effective. If you want a brand that knows what contractors like, these glues are for you.

Trowel Glue – Wakol trowel glues are easy to spread but have some serious strength compared to the competitors. The compounds that make up this trowel glue are perfectly formulated to make floors stick to the floor forever. The proof is in the science.

Sausage Glue – These little things make repairs or glue assist super easy. The sausage glue is made from the same glue as you would trowel on, just in an easy package.