The Green! You will notice that Lagler has every machine of theirs in green. The Lagler sanding machines for flooring are some of the best overall machine son the market. These machines always are reliable, sand great and prove to be able to do anything. If you are new or a seasoned hardwood flooring professional, you know that Lagler sanding machines are some the best hardwood equipment out there.

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Lagler Sanding Machine Types

Lagler is known for their precise equipment that is built with pride and lasts forever. You know that a lagler is a lagler if the machine is green, Lagler sanding machines are the iconic green color everyone knows. Ask anyone and you will get an answer of the that the Lagler sanders are one of the most reliable hardwood floor sanding machines in the industry. Lagler has great parts support and are relatively easy to get with the main distribution center being in Denver.

Lagler Sanding Machines – Belt Sander

Lagler offers the traditional hardwood floor belt sander. The Lagler belt sander is easy to use, simple to maintain and extremely durable. The Lagler belt sander produces a great finish and it shows in the end product of a flat floor.

Lagler Sanding Machines – Edgers

Lagler offers many different edgers and all of them are easy to use. The best part about Lagler edgers is that they come with different attachments for different scenarios. There is also a tool that sets the floor edger sander up for perfect sanding for each scenario needed. There is three different scenarios this edger does well with rough sanding, intermediate sanding and fine sanding. These machines are once again easy to use and durable.

Lagler Sanding Machines – Buffer

Lagler offers a buffer, who knew. This machine is a durable and powerful buffer. Unlike most buffers, this thing is 220v and packs some serious power. The Lagler buffer is able to take anything thrown at it and conquer it with ease. If looking for a powerful flooring buffer, this is the one to buy.

Lagler Sanding Machines – Orbital Sanders

Lagler offers the first planetary sander. The Trio is great at making floors extremely flat. Just like every other Lagler machine, this thing is extremely durable and should never leave you stranded on a job. If you want a perfect floor that comes out scratch free & flat this machine is for you.

Lager Sanding Machines Company History

Lagler is one of the biggest names in wood flooring. Lagler is the world’s leader in manufacturing floor sanding machines. Lagler Machines has been creating and innovating floor sanding machines over the last 50 years. Some of the new developments that have come from Lagler include the triple disk sanders, belt driven sanders and centrifugal. Lagler machines are ergonomically designed while remaining functional and easy to handle.

Lagler Sanding Machines were started by Eugen Lagler in 1956 in Germany. His first machine was called the ELF which stood for “Eugen Lagler Frauenzimmern”. The HUMMEL was created in 1969 and was a huge innovation in the floor sanding industry. Lagler has continued to invented innovative floor sanding machines including the FLIP, TRIO and many more. In 2009 Lagler introduced Professional-Sanding-Technology PST which is a innovative training series that many hardwood flooring professionals have done to hone their craft.

Lagler provides top quality to their customers. Lagler floor sanders are easy to maintain while remaining safe. They also have easy access to spare parts and many cities have local support for repairs.

If you are looking to be Lagler certified, visit this website. Lagler offers certification in how to properly sand a hardwood floor. Knowing the ins-and-outs of each machine allows for hardwood flooring contractors to produce the best on-site floors possible.