Duraseal has been proudly made in the US for over 100 year. Durseal flooring products are a top name in the wood flooring industry making stains, sealers, fillers, finishes and maintenance products. When Duraseal was founded they worked in the wood flooring industry as well as the asphalt and concrete industry.

Duraseal has continued to grow and evolve like many other hardwood flooring companies. Duraseal quick dry stains are a favorite among most hardwood floor companies because of the great finished look while being wildly available in a magnitude of colors.

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DuraSeal Wood Flooring Products

DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain

Duraseal Quick Coat Stain -  The most trusted hardwood flooring stain option among wood flooring contractors.

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Duraseal grey stained hardwood floor
Duraseal stained hardwood floor
Duraseal grey stained hardwood floor

Different DuraSeal Flooring Product Options

Wood Floor Stains – DuraSeal is the staple in hardwood flooring stains. These stains are what started it all for flooring contractors. With over a hundred years of use, you know these stains will surely be exactly what you need. Contractors find that these flooring stains are easy to apply and look amazing.

Wood Floor Filler – DuraSeal flooring wood filler offers contractors an easy way to fill a floor and be free from knicks and holes. This trowelable filler is simple to use and is constantly a favorite of hardwood flooring contractors.

WaterBased / Waterborne Finishes – Duraseal makes waterbased finishes in 1 part & 2 part types. Duraseal flooring finish are easy to use, look great and perform wonderful. If you are looking for a hardwood flooring finish that looks great job to job look no further.

Oil-Based Finishes – DuraSeal Poly comes in 3 sheens and there is also a quick dry sealer. This oil is a bit thinner than other companies making it super simple to use and looks wonderful after it dries.

Different DuraSeal Flooring Products

Duraseal flooring products offers a full lineup of hardwood flooring products that help you finish the job start to finish for the ultimate flooring experience. What DuraSeal flooring products prides themselves on is easy of use of all its products. Following the directions you are sure to have a great result that looks great and hold sup wonderfully. Each and every Duraseal flooring products are great and reliable each and every time.

DuraSeal Stains – Hardwood Formulated Stains

Stains by Duraseal have set the standard in the hardwood flooring world. Duraseal stains have rich color, look great and perform awesome. Duraseal offers quick coat stains that can dry in 2 hours and are ready to coat with Duraseal waterbased or oil-based finishes. Duraseal stains set the color standards for hardwood floors and offer over 70 different variations.

DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain

Duraseal Quick Coat Stain -  The most trusted hardwood flooring stain option among wood flooring contractors.

DuraSeal Finishes – One Component Water-Based Finish

Duraseal has a few options for one component finishes. these options are very easy to use and work great. The different options include a low-end finish that is rated for residential only and a higher end finish that can be used in light commercial traffic areas. Also, each finish has a different look, one is meant to give an oil-based look but still is water-based while the other is 100% clear.

DuraSeal Finishes – Two Component Water-Based Finish

Duraseal offers a great finish for a two component flooring finish. The Duraseal DuraClear Max. This finish is a strong finish that can be used in heavy commercial trafficked areas. We find that DuraClear Max finish is easy to apply, loos great and lasts long. The best part about the Duraseal lineup of finishes is that they are all compatible with each other.

DuraSeal Finish – Oil-Based Finish

DuraSeal offers a easy to use oil-based lineup of finish. Typically most people will use the DuraSeal Quick Dry Sealer and then finish with a traditional oil-based polyurethane. The reason for a quick dry sealer is that you can coat the next coats quicker than before. Traditional oil-base poly takes a long time to dry while quick dry takes 4-8 hours only. DuraSeal Oil Poly is a thinner finish that is easy to use and still has a great build for the traditional hardwood floor look.

DuraSeal Wood Filler

Duraseal Wood filler comes in many different colors and is super easy to use. The DuraSeal flooring wood filler is trowelable, sticks good in cracks and works great. Using the right color for the floor will ensure that the filler does not stick out, make cracks disappear and the floor look amazing. The Duraseal floor trowelable wood filler is water-based and does not smell like other brands.