Primatech is Canadian manufacturers of fasteners and nailers. Professionals trust the quality and craftsmanship of the Primatech brand to keep their product secure and beautiful against the natural expansion and contraction cycles. Primatech has been creating high quality nailers with unmatched features for the last 30 years.

One of Primatechs biggest invitations includes the primpact which increased the number of strikes the nailer can take before maintenance and cuts maintenance time down significantly.  Primatech manufactures both the tools and the fasteners to better ensure a quality install.

Primatech introduced the primsurfer roller assembly which allows your crew to install more with less strain on their body. The LoadXtend magazine fits more fasteners in the same area cutting down on time loading and increasing productivity. The Dual-Action and and fully adjustable base allow the installer more options and reduces top edge denting and the dimple effect. The dual action helps with installing hard species and hi-gloss floors which are more likely to get top edge denting.

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Primatech Floor Nailer Types

Rolling Floor Nailers/Staplers – The Primatech flooring nailers include floor wheels “surf”. These nailers are construction rated and are not meant for anything else but for floors. Primatech nailers offers Primatech staplers as well. The key benefits of these machines is that they are easy to use and easy to maintain compared to other brands.

Flooring Cleats & Staples – Primatech offers solid materials for their solid flooring nailers/staplers. These staples and nails are precision created and are the best products for their flooring nailers. Often you will notice bad staples or cleats will create problems on the job, you will not have those with the Primatech products.