PoloPlaz began as National Coatings Co. in the 1960s. PoloPlaz was started by a man who was employed by the Union Carbide which was an industry leader in polyurethane products. The company operated at National Coatings until 2006 when it officially became PoloPlaz. In 2017 PoloPlaz became part of Valentus Specialty Chemicals which allows us to bring together two big names in floor care and innovation.

PoloPlaz products are used in commercial buildings, in homes across the country and even on NBA floors. The combined years of experience that Valentus Specialty Chemicals and PoloPlaz have amounts to more than 121 years and gives us an upper hand on understanding and providing for your flooring needs.

PoloPlaz has a long history of making great quality products and all products are made in-house with their proprietary formulations. This simply means you cannot buy PoloPlaz products under a different label somewhere else. The products PoloPlaz produces are designed for specific applications and formulated with the highest quality ingredients.

PoloPlaz finish has been used on NBA courts, in commercial buildings, homes and was even used to on the floors at the Atlanta, Georgia and Athens, Greece Olympics. While you may not need sport court finish the offer a variety of finishes for home use that can fit your needs.

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PoloPlaz Finish Options

Gym Floor Finish – PoloPlaz is a major player in the gym flooring business. The Gym floor finish PoloPlaz offer sis easy to use, great durability and in many different VOC options. PoloPlaz only offers gloss in this type of gym flooring finish.

Waterbased Finish – PolopPlaz offers waterbased finish. Poloplaz hardwood flooring waterbased finish is 1k and 2k. The strength of the poloplaz finish is their durability.

Residential Oil – The flooring oil for residential homes is easy to use and looks amazing. The PoloPlaz oil-based finish is very clear after full cure.

Gym Floor Paint – Unique to PoloPlaz is that they offer gym floor paint that they have formulated themselves. This gym floor paint is great and looks amazing.

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