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Bona Traffic HD vs Bona Mega Hardwood Flooring Finish

Overview of Bona Traffic HD vs Bona Mega Hardwood Flooring Finish

Looking to refinish or install your hardwood floors and not sure which option is the best? This article goes over Bona Traffic HD vs Bona Mega hardwood flooring finish and which one you should use in your house or business. Bona makes awesome waterborne and unknown to some oil-based poly under the name Woodline and also gym floor finish in both waterborne and oil-based. Bona really does make awesome products for all different applications.

About Bona Traffic HD Floor Finish

Bona Traffic HD is Bona’s king of finish. This is the most expensive option Bona offers. This is a two component finish that means it must be mixed. You will find that this finish is harder to use and dries extremely fast. Sometimes this product will setup in 20 seconds in drier climates.

Specs of Bona Traffic HD:

  • Cures in 3 days
  • Dries in a few hours
  • Strongest waterborne finish Bona offers
  • Comes in the sheens matte, satin, semi-gloss

Ideally this finish is supposed to be used in commercial applications. Bona Traffic HD offers superior scratch resistance, chemical resistance and overall wear durability. Remember this is a 2 component waterborne finish and you must mix it. This 2 component aspect is what gives this finish such great wear and chemical resistance.

About Bona Mega Floor Finish

Bona Mega Floor finish is a one component floor finish. This finish is one of the Bona original finishes and contractors have loved it over the years for the ease of use. Typically we find that one component finishes are easier to use as they have more open time and flow a little bit better since the chemical reaction is not being forced to happen.

Features of Bona Mega Floor Finish:

  • No waste
  • Lower VOCs
  • Easier to use
  • Comes in multiple sheens: matte, satin and semi-gloss

This finish is great for homes and offers good resistance to chemicals and wear. Ideally this finish is better for less used homes with less pets.

So Which Finish Should You Use?

Typically, you should go with the best finish you can afford. The debate of Bona Traffic HD vs Bona Mega Hardwood Flooring Finish we fully agree with this thinking. The Bona Traffic HD floor coating will surely be the best bet for ALL applications especially in the wear and chemical resistance. What really helps bona traffic here is the two component mixing hardener, it seems to help make the finish more resistant to everything. The one good part of the Bona Mega floor finish is the ease of application and zero waste. Seriously, this finish seems to flow out great and have more open time than the Traffic HD. If you are new to applying floor finish, this might be a better option.

Bona Traffic HD is the winner.

Some More Information about Bona Traffic HD vs Bona Mega Hardwood Flooring Finish

The good news is that both these waterborne finishes are much better than anything you will buy at Home Depot or Lowes. These are real finish that contractors use in homes and commercial spaces each and every day. They are tried and test. You really can not go wrong with either finish, however if you have an extra $50-$200 we suggest using Bona Traffic HD.

What is the difference between two component and one component finishes?

You can read more about these types of finishes here in this article. This article “What is better: 1 Component or 2 Component Water Based Hardwood Flooring Finish?” goes through every detail and the pros and cons of each type of product. This should also help you decide which finish is better for you.

How to Clean Bona Traffic HD or Bona Mega?

To clean these floors you will want to use the same cleaner. We suggest using Bona floor cleaner mop kit. You can read more about how to clean your hardwood floors correctly here.

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