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What Bona Sealer to Use on Your Hardwood Floors

what bona sealer to use
what bona sealer to use

Bona offers a multitude of sealers for your hardwood flooring projects, sometimes it can be hard to know what Bona Sealer to use. These sealers offer an array of looks and each will give you a completely different feel. Bona sealers range from a white look to a more ambered oil-based poly look. The awesome thing about these sealers is that they still work like normal hardwood flooring sealers, just give a little extra look to the flooring after application. So if you are wondering, “What Bona Sealer to Use on Your Hardwood Floors”, this article has you covered on what is best for you.

About Different Bona Sealers

Now, I want to be perfectly clear here, when applying some Bona Sealers you must be very careful as they can be harder to use since they use pigments that float in the finish. Your sanding must be good (we suggest Norton), your application method must be flawless but man does the floor look good after. So now onto seeing every Bona sealer to determine – What Bona Sealer to Use on Your Hardwood Floors.

Bona NordicSeal Sealer


Bona NordicSeal

Nordic sealer basically is a whitewashing look with a waterborne sealer. Usually whitewashing a floor is not as easy as one, two & three. Nordic sealer if used right makes a white washing floor as easy as just that one, two & three.

Bona NaturalSeal Sealer


Bona NaturalSeal

Natural Seal makes the wood look like it was just freshly sanded vs the wet finish look. This is a unique finish that is newer and seems to be a very popular trend right now. Freshly sanded wood has more of a whitewashed look without the white pigments in it. This sealer does however float some pigment and is a littler harder to use.

Bona ClassicSeal Sealer


Bona ClassicSeal

The Original Bona Sealer, Bona ClassicSeal is a natural looking product that gives a little more color but not too much more than the natural seal. This product does not look like it is freshly sanded or untouched but is not an ambering product. This is a traditional waterborne sealer look.

Bona IntenseSeal

IntenseSeal by Bona is the 2nd most ambering sealer they offer in their waterbased sealer lineup. This gives a nice deep wet look to the floor without the super darkness that an oil-based sealer would give. Basically this is the medium ground of the classic seal and AmberSeal.

Bona AmberSeal Sealer


Bona AmberSeal

The darkest option of the Bona waterborne sealer lineup. The Bona AmberSeal is a mimic of oil-based poly sealer without the smell and long dry time. This product can be harder to use so manke sure to follow the directions below for using this sealer product.

To apply Bona Pigmented Sealers:

NordicSeal, NaturalSeal & AmberSeal : (full instructions here)

  • Sand the floor to 120g or 150g – preferably 150g with mesh power
  • Then clean the floor super well (dust really hurts this process
  • Apply with a tbar or cut in pad
  • You want to try to have someone at each side of the wall making your swirl marks straight almost instantly after passing by
  • Make sure sealer is 100% the same thickness or the color will build up causing a whiter/less white appearance
  • Try not to go over more than once
  • Move through application fast if in a dry climate

What Finish to Use After Applying the Bona Sealer

After you decide what bona sealer to use, it is now time to pick a finish to finish the job with. Sealers are just the first coat to set the base for wood flooring finish to go on. Make sure to read this article to pick the right wood floor finish for your house. Article Here: What Bona Finish to use.

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