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Which one: What Bona Floor Finish To Use?

Bona offers an array of finishes and sealers. This guide will go over only the Bona hardwood floor finishes they offer and what Bona floor finish to use for your project. Bona has an extensive lineup that even contractors get confused on what to use. By using this guide you will be able to make an informed decision on “What Bona Floor Finish to Use“. The reason for so many finishes is that each house requires a different level of finish and even a different look!

Bona Traffic HD

Bona Traffic HD is the king of Bona hardwood floor finishes. This product is actually the newest of bona finishes and has recently been upgraded. What we find great about Bona traffic HD is that is dries incredibly fast and is ready for full use in just 3 days! Basically Bona Traffic HD takes Bona Traffic to steroids. This product is a two component wood floor finish with the most up to date raw materials for the best performance out of the Bona lineup.

  • Dries fast
  • Ready for use after 72 hours
  • Resists chemicals

Bona Traffic

The original flooring finish powerhouse. The Bona Traffic was for years the gold standard of flooring finish. This finish is still an amazing finish that works great, holds up to abuse and looks awesome. The main differences between this and Traffic HD is the speed of drying and the time to cure. Traffic HD has a slight advantage in abrasion as well.

  • Great finish for houses and Commercial
  • Cures in 7 Days
  • Ready for light walking same day

Bona Naturale

This product is not better or worse than Bona Traffic. This simply is a sheen variance from the normal matte, satin and semi-gloss. Bona Naturale is great for a raw wood or a zero sheen look. The awesome part is you get the traditional durability and chemical resistance of Bona Traffic. Just remember this product is like Bona Traffic and not Bona Traffic HD – meaning, this product does take 7 days to full cure and a little longer till being able to walk on.

  • Same Great Traffic Performance
  • Extremely Low Sheen
  • Raw Wood Look

Bona Mega Clear HD

This product and Bona Mega One are supposedly close on the chart of durability. However, we still rank the Bona Mega Clear HD higher as it uses a hardener/crosslinker. Typically, a fully polyurethane one component finish still is not as durable and especially chemically resistant to hardened and crosslinked formulas.

  • Hardened finish
  • Clear
  • Good chemical resistance but not as good as Traffic or Traffic HD

Bona Mega One

There is a major shift to making one component floor finishes “as strong” as 2 component finishes. While we love the idea, we know that is simple not true after using one component finishes on many homes over the years. One component finishes have common complaints of issues with stains, water and durability. Typically these one component finishes are about 20% less durable which is pretty big amount of difference. That being said, this finish is a top shelf one component finish and uses good materials for good results for a lightly uses house.

Bona Mega Finish


Bona Mega

The Original one component floor finish. The Bona Mega finish is a decent finish, it is definitely not rated for commercial aspets and should really be use din light residential use. The most common complaints of this finish is that it will wear fast, has not amazing chemical resistance and overall is one of the lower rated finishes Bona makes. This finish also does amber like a traditional oil-based poly wood. Remember, just because this is not the toughest finish, it is a great finish for light residential use such as 2 adults with a calm pet.

One or Two Component Floor Finish

First you must decide if you want to have a one componenet or two componenet floor finish. You can read more about these two waterborne floor finish options in this article we wrote. This article (What is better: 1 Component or 2 Component Water Based Hardwood Flooring Finish?) goes over the pros and cons of each and what they have to offer. Below are every floor finish offers.

Ranked Bona Finish

What Bona Floor Finish To Use After Selecting One or Two Component

One Component Ranked

  • Traffic HD
  • Traffic
  • Bona Mega Clear

Two Component Ranked

  • Bona Mega One
  • Bona Mega

So, What Bona Floor Finish To Use?

I would personally use a Bona Traffic HD product. This product is only a few dollars more for a normal house. Typically a house with Hardwood is between 300 and 2000 sq ft.. Bona finishes tend to go 450-550 sq ft a gallon so even with the cheapest finish vs the most expensive you are looking at $50-$200 more with a huge difference in performance over the years.

A typical refinish costs $3-$6 a sq ft.  adding $200 is only a few cents per sq ft.. the added performance of finish curing days earlier, drying faster and having more durability surely out weighs the cost of the finish up front. We have done a 3rd party test on all finishes and typically a two component flooring finish is 20% better to abrasion and chemical resistance.

What Bona Floor Finish Would We Use || Our Choice is Traffic HD

Conclusion to: What Bona Floor Finish To Use for Your Project

You really can not go wrong with any Bona floor finish. Bona offers commercial grade finishes that are some of the best finishes the hardwood flooring market has. The key to knowing What Bona Floor Finish to use is to use the a two component finish so no matter how your lifestyle changes, you will have a durable floor that will last and look great for many years to come. Just remember to maintain your hardwood floor correctly (cleaning supplies here) to get the most out of your floor. You can read our article about “how to maintain and clean hardwood floors properly“.

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