topics – DRAFT

  1. Different wood floorin sheen comparisons
  2. pros and cons of waterborne wood floor finish
  3. pros and cons of oil-based wood floor finish
  4. pros and cons of swedish wood floor finish
  5. norton vs 3m
  6. oil over water
  7. different wood flooring stain options
  8. are low voc wood flooring options good
  9. how to sand different flooring types
  10. norton vs 3m
  11. drum sander vs belt sander
  12. trio vs 3ds vs powerdrive
  13. how to use a buffer
  14. how to use an edger
  15. how to use a belt sander
  16. different ways to apply stain
  17. best sandpaper for the powerdrive
  18. how to clean hardwood floors
  19. how to maintain gym floors
  20. why floors cup/move/crown
  21. difference between roll on moisture barrier vs tar paper
  22. why finish sheen matters
  23. rubio vs miracle oil vs bona craft oil
  24. things to do when installing wide plank flooring
  25. how to use a gym floor game line machine
  26. differnet flooring nailers
  27. best practices when installing a hardwood floor
  28. quartesawn vs livesawn vs plaine sawn etc
  29. how to roll waterbased  https://youtu.be/O4zFWBCt_Js

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