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Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased?

Learn about DuraSeal stains and what they have to offer. As well as the answer to “Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased“?

About DuraSeal Stains

Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased Products?

Before we dive into “Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased?” let’s go over who Duraseal is and what they offer. DuraSeal is a wood flooring company that specializes in hardwood floor coatings. These coatings range from stains (this article) to wood floor fillers. DuraSeal offers both water-based and oil-based flooring products for hardwood flooring contractors. The DuraSeal line is meant for flooring contractors and are commercial grade products.

The Answer to: Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased?

There is an easy answer to “Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased Products?”. DuraSeal flooring stains are a mixture of thin penetrating oil and pigments. These stains are 100% oil-based products and do not contain water in them. Just like other stain brands you will find that oil-based products are easier to use and tend to look better. Overall oil-based hardwood flooring stains, such as DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain still rain supreme for their ease of use.

Why Doesn’t DuraSeal Have Water-based Stains?

Now that we know the answer to “Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased?” is oil-based – why doesn’t DuraSeal make water-based stains? While we do not know this for a fact, we have our ideas why DuraSeal has yet to come out with a water-based stain for hardwood flooring application. Typically with other types of stains besides oil-based stains the application is very hard to get it to look right. The reason that this is – trying to float pigment via water is hard. You will find that with gel or water-based stains that the pigment does not flow very well. This causes streaking and lines in the finished product. Obviously, DuraSeal being a commercial product they want to offer the best product for a perfect application each and every time.

Pro’s of Oil Based Stain – DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain

The pros of using an oil-based stain over a water-based stain are many.

  • Easier to apply
  • Richer/deep look
  • Looks natural and real
  • DuraSeal Stain Works with any finish
  • Works on any wood
  • No grain raise

Cons of Oil Based Stain – All Brands

  • Flammable
  • VOC’s are high
  • Smells for a day or two

So, the main thing when using oil-based stains – since most flooring stains are oil-based is the flammable part. When applying stain you must realize you are using a flammable product that can and will start a smoldering fire if not careful. However, using these simple steps will ensure you have no problems and a safe application.

  • Any rags used must be laid flat on grass or a hard surface for 24 hours
  • No clumping rags up on top of each other
  • Do not throw rags into a trash can till after 48 hours

What Finish Can Be Coated Over DuraSeal Oil-Based Stains?

Since we now know the answer to “Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased Products?” – that they are oil-based. The next logical question is well which finish can I apply over these stains? The answer is very easy, any besides penetrating oils. You are able to use:

We find that any finish great over stain. However, if you are looking for a true & deep color from our stain an oil-based sealer is probably the best start. After adding an oil-based sealer you are able to use water-based finish to top it off. The other option is to use an ambering sealer like the Arboritec Vibrant or the Bona Amber/Intense sealers. These type of waterborne sealers give more rich colors from the DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain.

The Best Thing About DuraSeal Quick Coat Stains

The DuraSeal stains are so great because:

  • You Can use Water-Based Oil-Based Finishes
  • Easy to use
  • Dry Quick
  • Look awesome.

The awesome colors that these Stains offer really make up for the VOC. Once again the question “Are DuraSeal Stains Oil-Based or Waterbased Products?” is answered by Oil-Based.

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