Most Popular Hardwood Floor Stain Trends for 2021

See what is the most popular colors in the hardwood flooring industry. If you are staining your site finished hardwood flooring, choose the right stain: Popular Hardwood Floor Stain Trends for 2021.

Note: A Word of Experience About Stain Trends

While we will tell you what sells the mot for hardwood flooring stains, that does not mean you need to use the popular colors. These colors might be super popular right now, they might not be popular in 5-10 years. The best idea when choosing a DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain is to use what color you personally like best. Typically most color trends are DuraSeal colors.

Another aspect to the stain color trends is what finish you will be using. Typically color trends these days are with waterborne or waterbased flooring finish. Typically we find that these coatings/finishes give the true color and will yellow less overtime giving the color a true color feel.

Stain Colors from Top left to right: aged barrel, warm gray, rustic beige, country white

Stain Colors from Bottom left to right: dark gray, classic gray, heritage brown, silvered gray

Why We Know These are the Top Colors

The great thing about owning a hardwood flooring store, we are able to have the analytics to the most favorite and searched items in the USA. Yes, we have advanced analytics to let us know what sells best and consumers/contractors love best.

Why These Colors are Popular Hardwood Floor Stain Trends in 2021

All these colors have a similar focus and that focus is the undertones are light greys. Having a multi-tonal stain color with grey is the way to go. These stains give multiple affects of having a layered stain veruses the traditional colors that are monocolors. The Multi-colored stains seem to give more depth and a more designer look to them.

Gray Colors have been extremely popular lately. However with the addition of DuraSeal Stain colors this year being all gray based we knew that people would love them. Prior to these awesome stain colors there was only Classic Gray. The new colors like mentioned above are more complex colors that give more tones to the stain.

How Do I decide Which Stain Color to Use?

There are a lot of colors that are on the Popular Hardwood Floor Stain Trends for 2021 list. So, how do you chose the right one? This is the hardest part for everyone. While we can give you the most used stain colors charts and color pamphlets don’t really give you an idea of stain color choices and how they will look on the floor, for your specific hardwood floor and next to your homes wall paint.

Use the Floor as a Canvas

We think the best way to get a color choice off the the list of Popular Hardwood Floor Stain Trends for 2021 is to the wood floor itself. We suggest to block off small 12″x12″ squares and use a rag to wipe on a small amount of stain to see what the colors look like in your house. You can either put all the colors next to each other or put them further apart to give you a sense of what the stain color looks like by itself.

Since you Select a Stain off the Hardwood Floor Stain Trends for 2021 List Do This…

You might want to try to put some waterborne floor finish (also know as water-based floor finish). We suggest water-based floor finish since it is fast drying and preserves the real stain color. DuraSeal Stains are awesome stains to use. More info here.

Does Sanding Make a Color Difference?

Typically most people will waterpop a hardwood floor before applying the stains from the “Hardwood Floor Stain Trends for 2021” list. However, hardwood floor sandpaper that is more coarse will make the stain more dark and a lower grit sandpaper will make stain lighter. We recommend Norton sandpaper for all hardwood flooring stains for the best outcome.

Conclusion to “Popular Hardwood Floor Stain Trends for 2021”. You will have to agree gray is the main undertone to all the colors!

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